Hire DaMo

Hire Dance Movements for Dance, Opera, Drama and Concert Photography

Dance Movements offers his work for theatres and companies which are in need for outstanding photos for marketing purposes like:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Leaflets
  • Internet
  • aso

Spoken languages are:

  • German – Mother tongue
  • English – fluent
  • Spanish – fluent
  • Russian – advanced

Costs for Production and included services

‚All Inclusive‘ – Performance Photography

The best value option and most convenient way for the clients like theatres or companies to obtain photos from their performances, e.g. of the complete ballet performance, Galas or any other spectacle. Per day of photography on the event location per performance  

  • 850 €, plus flight or travel costs and per diem of 130 €
  • Appropriate place for taking photos (typically I do in 2 different seats, first row 1/3 from left or right, and center zsars box or – optimal – or 1st floor). I suggest also to do some backstage photos, this brings to the visitors a better feeling of participation.

The client will in average receive 30 photos (sometimes up to 60) in web-resolution (with his own watermark if provided or with my watermark) and print resolution with clients logo imprinted if provided or without logo.

‚All Inclusive‘ – Studio / On location Photography (for theatres or companies only)

The best value option and most convenient way for theatres or companies who are in need for photos for there leaflets where the photos are specially made for a performance   

  • 1250 €, plus flight or travel costs and per diem of 130 €
  • If a separate studio is needed also the studio costs

The client will receive all raw data for post processing purposes by their advertisement agency.

‚Hourly‘ – Studio 

Disclaimer: This option is either bookable at my home studio in Mainz, Germany in a quantity of 2 hrs, or if on remote sites only as a full day

The best value for dancers who need photos for any purpose except non commercial use. For commercial and editorial use there has to be a usage fee of 60 € per photo to be added.    

  • In my studio 1 hr 150 € (2 photos postprocessed included)
  • In my studio per 2 hrs 280 € (4 photos postprocessed included)
  • On remote sites as a full day in Europe 1900 € (can accommodate up to 5 single person shootings or duets as 2 hrs blocks – per block 2 postprocessed photos included)

The client(s) will receive all photos in JPEG unprocessed in a size of ca. 2 MB and will receive max resolution after post processing. Commercial usage not included.



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